About Ascension Wastewater Treatment

Ascension Wastewater Treatment is a family owned and operated company with roots as far back as 1978, when the company began buying and installing concrete package treatment plants. They are now the largest privately owned sewer company in the state of Louisiana, and considered one of the top in the wastewater industry today.

In 1980, the company purchased their first forms and started pouring treatment plants themselves with concrete trucks to reduce cost. Their first batch plant was purchased in 1985, and they a have been growing ever since. They now have a state-of-the-art shop and batch plant, and currently produce anything from storm drain boxes to manholes to 14’ inside diameter pump stations.

Ascension Wastewater Treatment has the crew and resources necessary to keep up with any job. They can easily produce over 250 yards of concrete structures per week. They also provide installation of sewer treatment plants, lift stations, sewer line rehabilitation, video line inspection, sewer line cleaning, vac truck work, and operation contracts. They have the resources to handle any job in the sewer industry. Rooted in humble beginnings, they are an experienced and reliable company that takes pride in having the best customer service in the industry.

Ascension Precast Concrete