Family Owned & Operated

Ascension Precast Concrete

Ascension Precast is a family owned and operated company with roots as far back as 1978, when we began buying and installing concrete package treatment plants. In 1980 we purchased our first forms and started pouring treatment plants ourselves with concrete trucks to reduce cost. Our first batch plant was purchased in 1985, and we have been growing ever since. We now produce precast concrete manholes, catch basins, wet wells, treatment plants, and custom structures to help complete any job.


We are extremely proud of our precast concrete products and the quality of our work, but the greatest asset that we can offer to you is our staff. We pride ourselves on our determination to go above and beyond for our clients. We are always available to you to make sure things are just how you need them to be. Our on-staff engineers are able to answer your specific technical questions and provide a trustworthy resource to make sure you are confident in your decisions. We are happy to come to your site to ensure satisfaction and to address any issues that may arise along the way. The Ascension Precast team is here to get it right for you, and we will not rest until we do.