Precast Concrete Sewer Collection

Precast Concrete Manhole

Sewer Manholes

Sewer manholes function as an access point to an underground piping system. They can be used as junctions for pipes of varying size, a point of pipe redirection, and as an access for inspections and maintenance. Ascension Precast can provide the necessary manhole structures for any size sewer collection system.

Precast Concrete Manholes

Inverts are the channels that the water is directed to flow inside of a manhole. These are usually poured on site after the manholes have been installed. With the proper plans, Ascension Precast can precast these in the shop to make a better product, saving the contractor time and money in the field.

Precast Concrete Manholes Baton Rouge

Admixtures are different types of chemicals that can be added to a concrete mix to improve the quality. Ascension Precast can tailor our mix design and provide the appropriate admixtures and/or coatings necessary to meet the contractors' or municipalities' specs.

Sections of 8’ and 12’ Diameter Precast Lift Station

Sewer Lift Stations

The function of a sewer lift station is to raise wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation in places where gravity cannot be utilized to facilitate the flow into the appropriate areas. Whether you need a small residential lift station or a 14’ ID (Inside Diameter) commercial station, we can accommodate your project! We offer from 48” to 14’ ID and over 50’ of depth.

Our crew has installed over 20 EBR spec lift stations in the last 3 years. Our reputation proves that we can finish jobs quickly and economically.

Precast Concrete Valve Vaults

Valve Vaults

Valve vaults are precast concrete structures with an access point near the ground level. They can be used to house valves and meters, or to provide access to monitoring and controls. Precast valve vaults are a durable solution for both residential systems and commercial applications.

Combination Precast Concrete Sewer Lift Station and Valve Vault

Combination Lift Station and Valve Vault

The function of a combination lift station and valve vault is to save space when there is not enough room for a separate lift station and valve vault. In the past, these structures have been constructed out of steel or fiberglass. Ascension Precast is the only manufacturer in the area that has been able to design and produce these combination structures out of concrete which protects the structure from corrosion and deterioration, increasing longevity.

Precast Concrete Manholes
Precast Concrete Manholes
Precast Concrete
Precast Concrete

Drawings and Schematics

Caisson Wet Well Install Drawings

Caisson Wet Well

We are experienced in installing East Baton Rouge Parish spec lift stations:

EBR Duplex Pump Station
EBR Triplex Pump Station