Precast Concrete Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Plant Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Wastewater treatment plants can be used to treat a variety of types of wastewater, including sewage, industrial, or agricultural wastewater. The purpose of treating wastewater is to remove or neutralize certain elements (such as suspended solids, biodegradable organics, pathogenic bacteria and other nutrients) in order to improve the quality of the wastewater.

Ascension Precast designs and produces wastewater treatment systems for residential and commercial projects. From 500-gallon home plants to 250,000-gallon treatment systems, we cater to what the job calls for. Ascension Precast can deliver a well-designed, proven system to help you meet any discharge limits necessary.

Precast Concrete Grease Traps

The purpose of a grease trap is to prevent the infiltration of fats, oils, greases, and other solids into a wastewater disposal system which could clog or block the drainage pipes. Grease traps, or oil water separators, are perfect to help eliminate issues in commercial treatment systems due to oil and grease. They are an affordable solution to prevent compliance issues for commercial customers.

Precast Concrete Septic Tanks

A septic tank is a sealed box, precast in concrete, that holds and treats wastewater after it leaves the home or business. The wastewater is treated by allowing enough time for solids and liquids to separate into different layers inside the tank. At Ascension Precast, we offer septic tanks in several sizes and varieties.

Precast Wastewater Treatment Plant Bottom

Commercial Bottom

Precast Wastewater Treatment Plant Tops

Commercial Tops

Precast Wastewater Treatment Plant Ring

Commercial Ring

Precast Wastewater Treatment Plant
Precast Wastewater Treatment Plant